When Do You Need Knee Arthroscopic Surgery?

Knee arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure used to diagnose and treat various knee conditions. Here are some scenarios where this surgery might be necessary:

Persistent Knee Pain

If you experience chronic knee pain that doesn’t improve with conservative treatments like physical therapy, medications, or injections, arthroscopy can help diagnose the underlying cause and provide relief.

Torn Meniscus

A torn meniscus, which is common in athletes, can be repaired or trimmed using arthroscopic techniques to restore knee function and alleviate pain.

ACL Injuries

ACL injuries often require surgical intervention for athletes or active individuals to regain knee stability. Arthroscopic surgery allows for precise reconstruction of the torn ligament.

Loose Cartilage

Loose fragments of cartilage or bone in the knee joint can cause pain and hinder movement. Arthroscopy can effectively remove these loose bodies.

Inflamed Synovial Tissue

Conditions like synovitis, where the synovial tissue becomes inflamed, can be treated arthroscopically to reduce pain and swelling.

Diagnostic Tool

When imaging tests like MRI or X-rays do not provide a clear diagnosis, arthroscopy can help visualize the inside of the knee joint for accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

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