Meet Dr. Vatsal Khetan: Your Expert in Knee and Shoulder Care

Dr. Vatsal Khetan is an accomplished orthopedic doctor specializing in sports injuries, particularly focused on knee and shoulder conditions. With over 8 years of experience, he has established the Khetan Knee Shoulder Clinic in Gorakhpur, offering specialized care to his patients.

His journey in medicine began with earning his MBBS degree from Gujarat University in 2014. Driven by a passion for orthopedics, he pursued further specialization by completing his MS in Orthopedics in 2018. Seeking expertise in knee replacement and sports injury management, he underwent a fellowship training program under the guidance of renowned experts Dr. Nilen Shah and Dr. Anant Joshi in Mumbai.

Dr. Vatsal Khetan's Professional Timeline

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Our Procedures

 These comprehensive services cover a range of orthopedic and rheumatologic conditions, ensuring specialized care for joint replacements, minimally invasive procedures, spine and shoulder issues, back pain treatment, ankle problems, and overall rheumatology care

Expert knee replacement care for pain-free mobility and improved quality of life.

Advanced knee arthroscopy for precise diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment.

Innovative shoulder arthroscopy for accurate diagnosis and effective minimally invasive treatment.

Specialized ankle surgery for restoring function and relieving discomfort effectively.

Comprehensive hip replacement surgery for improved mobility and pain relief.

Advanced spine surgery for alleviating pain and restoring spinal function effectively.

Tailored medical management to alleviate back pain and improve overall well-being.

Comprehensive rheumatology management for relief and improved quality of life.

Happy Stories

Ratnesh Shalini
May 18, 2024

Talth is good sir so thanks

Ajay Gupta
May 18, 2024

Best orthopaedic surgeon in gorkhapur dr Vatsal khetan

Ranjan Singh
April 25, 2024

Dr heele Khetan best doctor in Gorakhpur thanks for consulting me mam aapki wajh se Mai ab Pahle se Achha ho chuka hu thanks lots of mam 👌👌👌

Amit Kumar
March 27, 2024

I Glad to say about my mother that she has perfectly healthy after both knee operation as well as I would like to do lot of thanks my mother's Doctors the name of Dr.Vatsal khetan and Dr.Helee Khetan.They were so serious and responsible about mother's operation.And As per my experience I was never expected about that the result of my mother. I'm so grateful to my mother's Doctors and again a lot of thanks.And I'll recommend everyone who wants to seek a knee and shoulder specialist so you can visit Dr.Vatasl Khetan's clinic without any hesitation because your patient also in professional hand.

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