About Dr. Vatsal Khetan

Dr. Vatsal Khetan is an accomplished orthopedic doctor specializing in sports injuries, particularly focused on knee and shoulder conditions. With over 8 years of experience, he has established the Khetan Knee Shoulder Clinic in Gorakhpur, offering specialized care to his patients.

His journey in medicine began with earning his MBBS degree from Gujarat University in 2014. Driven by a passion for orthopedics, he pursued further specialization by completing his MS in Orthopedics in 2018. Seeking expertise in knee replacement and sports injury management, he underwent a fellowship training program under the guidance of renowned experts Dr. Nilen Shah and Dr. Anant Joshi in Mumbai.

To broaden his horizons and gain international exposure, Dr. Khetan pursued an MCh in knee joint and knee replacement through the Edge Hill program, enhancing his skills at Rotherham District Hospital in the UK. During this time, he also delved into shoulder surgery, honing his abilities as a sports specialist through a dedicated fellowship.

Committed to staying at the forefront of his field, Dr. Khetan further enriched his knowledge by obtaining a Diploma in Sports Medicine accredited by the International Olympic Committee in 2022. This additional qualification underscores his dedication to providing comprehensive care to athletes and individuals with sports-related injuries.

With his extensive training and diverse experience, Dr. Vatsal Khetan brings a wealth of expertise to his practice, ensuring optimal outcomes for his patients at the Khetan Knee Shoulder Clinic.